What we can offer you!


Benefits of Blackbelly Sheep:

  • Very prolific/ excellent mothers

  • Disease resistant 

  • Parasite tolerant and  robust 

  • easy to keep

  • No shearing or docking

  • Mild flavored, lean meat, less fatness

  • Meat: lamb and mutton

  • This breed israised primarily for meat. Flavor of the meat is excellent.

  • We sale livestock and meat!


Come visit us at our Blackbelly Ranch in Inverness Country in beautiful Cape Breton.

We offer some of our own farm products such as:

  • Honey from our bees

  • Fresh organic eggs

  • Homemade jam 

  • Handmade soaps 

  • Merchandise from the Blackbelly Ranch.


Besides the farm, our second love is wood. It isversatile and timeless.

You have trees or bushes and want to make:

  • Woooden Boards or beams,

  • Firewood

  • or Wood chips from them.

We come with our equipment and process your woodaccording to your needs and wishes.

Tree felling possible on request.

Sale! Hay square bales

We take your order for the hay season 2021. First cut, excellent grass with herbs.

Delivery possible on request.


You can reach us:

1508 Nortside River Denys Road 
River Denys B0E 2Y0
Nova Scotia, Canada

send us a text: +1 (902) 631 0801